Sweet Brat Collective

Hello World!

Welcome to Sweet Brat, a fanlisting collective part of the Eternal Hobbyist Network. This is the home of all the fanlistings I own and maintain, and fanlistings I joined.

I currently own 30 fanlistings (10 upcoming + 7 pending approval) with a combined total of 94 (+ 0) fans. I am a member of 207 fanlistings (9 pending) in 24 categories, with [Britney Spears] Me Against The Music recently approved.

Recent Updates

09.02.21 // approved for Elizabeth Olsen and Genshin Impact characters Eula, Klee, Diona, Sayu, Yanfei, and Hu Tao
08.28.21 // approved for Matt Smith and Brendad Fraser fanlisting

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